Photoshop : Photo Restoration in Detail with Adobe Photoshop cc

Photoshop : Photo Restoration in Detail with Adobe Photoshop cc


(STEP-BY-STEP Instructions along with Live SCREEN-SHOTS) Photographs are one of the most precious things we have because they are our memories and in many cases they are the memories of our ancestors. Yet they are degrading day by day. Specially in the case of printed photographs, they are not aging gracefully they are fading and deteriorating. Now if they have been damaged by flood or by fire, things are far worse - they are in disrepair, they are torn and burnt and watermarked. But using Photoshop, not only can we preserve their current state and make certain that they don't degrade and they don't discolor and they don't fade, but we can recover and restore them. We can make them look the way they used to - in fact we can make them look even better than they used to. And that's what we are going to talk about - is bringing your images and restoring them, preserving them and making certain that they live on forever.
Welcome to the Advanced Photo Restoration process using Photoshop. Here we will discuss the following How to bring in the images into the computer, whether by using a scanner or a digital camera. Then we will talk about powerful and nondestructive tools for getting you quickly and easily into Photoshop. And how to save a lot of time with Cropping and Blurring. As we get deeper into the workflow, we will talk about fixing serious damage - things like Removing Dust and Scratches, Removing Rips, Tears and Creases, Removing GlareRemoving Stains Rectifying Water damage. Creating Frames and Borders and also re-purposing those borders. We will ensure that in the end your images look better than ever and are preserved FOREVER...!!! photoshop cc 2015, photoshop cs6, adobe photoshop cc 2015, photo restoration, photo repair, photo rebuilding

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