Designing Brand Identity : An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team

Designing Brand Identity : An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team


The bestselling guide to branding, updated with emerging trends and technologies Designing Brand Identity provides in-depth guidance for the entire branding team, with a universal five-stage process for brand development and implementation. From research and analysis through launch and governance, this book provides expert insight on all aspects of the process, and describes the best practices that build better brands. This updated fifth edition includes new and expanded coverage of social media cross channel synergy, crowdsourcing, SEO, experience branding, mobile devices, wayfinding, and placemaking, with 30 all-new case studies of top brands from various industries around the world. Fuel recognition, amplify market differentiation, create cohesion, and project value with the essential concepts and practices that build and maintain strong brands. Brand identity is key to an organization's success, helping customers navigate their options in an expanding marketplace rife with competition. How does your brand stand out? How do you attract your target? It's all in the process.
This book delivers a clear roadmap to brand development and maintenance, with in-depth guidance every step of the way. * Infuse your brand with authenticity and meaning * Create a cohesive suite of branding products * Design for flexibility, durability, and sustainability * Develop solid strategy around positioning, architecture, and more A successful brand requires zero context, and is recognizable when stripped down to its barest bones; Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Disney, McDonalds the strongest brands are immediately recognized as a safe bet and a better value over the competition anywhere in the world. It's no coincidence that certain brands endure, while others undergo repeated revamps to remain relevant. Designing Brand Identity shows you how to recognize the myriad factors that contribute to strength, and merge them into your organization's winning brand.

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